Luxli Viola Firmware Update

What's New for Version 1.04

  • Bug fixes (connectivity)
  • Sync accuracy improvements
  • Up to 9 units controlled by app.


  • 1
  • Put the Viola into the Bootloader mode by pressing the
    Change Color & Power buttons simultaneously.
  • 2
  • Connect a USB cable to the Viola and the computer.
  • 3
  • Open up the new drive called Viola
    • The computer may ask if you want to repair this drive.
    • Do not attempt to repair it, it should mount without issue.
  • 4
  • If there is a firmware file already shown in this folder, delete the old firmware file first.
    • There is only enough memory for one version of the firmware at a time.
    • You have to delete the old firmware in order to load the new version.
    • Do not just put the file in the trash. It must be fully deleted from the drive.

  • 5
  • Copy the new firmware into this folder.
  • 6
  • Don't yank out the cable. Eject the Viola from your computer this way:
    • MAC: Ctrl-click Viola in the Finder or on the Desktop and select Eject from the popup menu.
    • PC: Right-click Viola in Windows Explorer and select Eject from the popup menu.

    • (If your computer complains that a file is open – that would be the file that you are reading right now – you can ignore the warning).
  • 7
  • Remove the cable and the Viola will restart automatically.

NOTE: If you encounter any issues with the firmware update, please contact customer service at or call (212) 594-2120, or feel free to reinstall a previous firmware version.

Download previous of Luxli Viola firmware updates:
Luxli Viola Firmware Update 1.04
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Luxli Viola Firmware Update 1.03
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Luxli Viola Firmware Update 0.95
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